And So It Goes
Author(s): Blonde and Brunette
Editor: Mary Anne Colt
Published: August 10, 2014


By: The Blonde and The Brunette
"And So It Goes", Written by Mark Andrus (Georgia Rules, 2008) and directed by Rob Reiner (Wolf of Wall Street, 2013) is a story about second chances. Michael Douglas (Behind the Candelabra, 2013) stars as Owen Little, a New York Realtor, who very few people can say they care for because he is obnoxious, rude and self-centered. But he doesn't care what others think, he plans to make a fortune, retire and live happily ever after by himself. But then his life changes when his unknown Granddaughter, Sarah, played by 10 year old Sterling Jerins (World War Z, 2013) shows up on his doorstep to live with him. He quickly enlists the help of his widowed, want to be, lounge singer neighbor, Leah, played by Diane Keaton (Then Again, 2011) and the story unfolds... Owen soon finds that everyone deserves to have a second chance at life.

THE BLONDE: In my opinion, this was not an amazing film, but rather a delightful sweet little film with some powerful acting by accomplished ‘A' list actors. There are no story surprises and you can tell from the beginning that it will end exactly as it does.

THE BRUNETTE: I felt this story was a cutesy, sweet, romantic journey that gave all of the characters a second chance at happiness.

THE BLONDE: Don't ya just wish that happens in real life??? I loved how Michael and Diane allowed themselves to look their age, with no fluff. It made their characters more realistic. What wasn't and never is realistic is Diane thinking she can sing. She has tried this is several films starting with Annie Hall. I love ya girl, you can act big time, but ya can't sing!!!!! SERIOUSLY, stop singing. Keaton is one of my all time favorite actresses and in true form, she delivers yet another dead on tender portrayal here.

THE BRUNETTE: If you are a young, vibrant movie-goer, you most likely will not relate to this film. It's more for the baby boomer age group. I have to add, that I disagree with the Blonde, as I felt both Diane and Michael looked fabulous.

THE BLONDE: Oh please, they looked old, really old, did you see their necks? Next you're going to say Diane is a great singer????? Seriously Brunette!!!!

THE BRUNETTE: Well you got me there! LOL... Moving along, I am not a baby boomer yet, but it did take me a second to realize that Frankie Valli played the part of the club owner.

THE BLONDE: Nope, I am such a Valli fan, that I spotted him in a second. Furthermore, I felt HE looked fabulous, for his age!!!

THE BRUNETTE: You did? Then YOU ARE a fan....

THE BLONDE: YEA, You got me there. I felt, that there were so many well written comedic lines in this film, but I don't believe the audience caught them. Perhaps, it was because the comedy was more subtle. I personally laughed whole heartedly, throughout the film.

THE BRUNETTE: Mark Andrus, who by the way also wrote, ‘As Good As It gets', has his own sophisticated, unique way of writing. I'm with you as well, on that Blondie. I think it went over the audiences' heads because they were a younger crowd. Speaking of looks, did you notice the terrible rug on Rob Reiner's head?

THE BLONDE: Yea, but I was actually too distracted by Keaton's singing to notice anything else. Why didn't they cast Michael's wife, Catherine Zeta Jones to play the part of Leah. Now that girl has chops! Sorry Diane, buy I do love ya LOTS!

THE BRUNETTE: FYI, this movie actually came to be, when Jack Nicholson said to Rob Reiner during the filming of, ‘As Good As It Gets', that he himself wanted a second chance at romance.

THE BLONDE: OH, BARF, I don't know whether I am now nauseous from that comment or the totally oily, terrible popcorn I ate during this film.

THE BRUNETTE: And yet... Ya still managed to chow down the whole bucket anyway.

THE BLONDE: Hi, I'm The Blonde... And I am a popcornaholic. I will eat any and all popcorn no matter how bad or good it is. Lay off!!!! I found the part of the granddaughter, played by Sterling Jerins, very natural, and convincing.

THE BRUNETTE: Sterling has already been in many films and more to come. She might be the new it girl. Scott Shepherd, was good as well, but would have liked for him to have had a bigger part.

THE BLONDE: I thought his part was written just right and he did a marvelous job as well. By the way Brunette, I just loved Keaton and Douglas together when they did the film, ‘Fatal Attraction'. What an epic film that was. Diane's acting in that film was scary, amazing and flawless.

THE BRUNETTE: YOU DUMB, BLONDE, FITCH.... That was not Keaton that was Glenn Close... Lord GIRL....

THE BLONDE: NEVER MIND... At the end of the day, it is always delightful and charming to see these two legendary actors on screen. They were both delicious to watch. All in all, this was a very endearing, and happily ever after flick. I rate it a C-

THE BRUNETTE: If you're looking for a simple, feel good movie to clear your mind, this is a good choice for you!!! I rate, "And so it goes", a C...