The Eleven Spa, Las Vegas!
Author(s): Robin Roth
Photos: Robin Roth
Editor: Leslie Carl
Published: March 19, 2009


                                      ALONG COMES…

                       THE ELEVEN SPA





Readers, I have found hands-down, the coolest, most pampering hot spot on the planet. The ‘Eleven Spa’, is a brand new luxury spa which also features a salon by world-renowned celebrity, master, hairstylist, Ken Paves.

Nothing short of spectacular, the ‘ELEVEN SPA’, now brings Hollywood glamour to Las Vegas. This is reason alone to visit the incredible city. I must urge you however, whether you are on vacation or you live in town, DON’T GAMBLE on luxury. Make your spa experience a ‘sure thing’, and run to ‘Eleven’! This heaven on earth spa opened with a huge gala on February 11, 2009. Any one, who is any one, attended, including the lovely Eva Longoria and hunky Mario Lopez (He is so dreamy, you could just get lost and sink in his dimples). FYI, the ELEVEN SPA, is the new ‘it spot’, where stars like the Hilton sisters, Kimora Lee Simmons, Sean “Puffy” Combs, Jamie Pressley, and countless others go to indulge.



Cacee Cobb, Mr. Moslet, and Nicole Oden (owner) Jaki Baskow and Nicole




The ultra chic, lavish Spa creates an enchanting experience filled with opulence, extravagance, and luxury all without losing its cozy, inviting, and warm feeling. With elements of the old and new world, along with touches of Hollywood, guests will no doubt feel like a mega star while being pampered in the enormous 20,000 square-foot facility.

Envisioned and brought to life by the stunning founder of ‘Eleven Spa’, Nicole Oden stated, I wanted my spa to look and feel like the Beverly Hills Hotel. The imaginative, cutting edge Nikki told NBC’s “Today Show”, that she is “Pulling out all of the stops to make it the most decadent, indulgent spa experience you could ever imagine having. The philosophy is living better… Ordinary is over!”  More than a consumer experience, Nicole has fashioned a philosophy - a little heaven on Earth goes a long way. Nicole brings that distinct, ELEVEN sensibility, to everything she does, and it clearly shows. Ms. Oden infused her dynamic charm, elegance, class and sophistication into a variety of new ventures that transforms her unique consumer experience into a full-fledged luxury brand. Mission accomplished, Nikki!


It all began when Nicole Oden, senior vice president at Smith Barney, decided that she was frustrated for the last time with her experience at the spa she frequented. So, she simply called her realtor and purchased an 11,000 square foot building in Delray Beach, Florida. Two hurricanes and just over a year later, on November 11, 2004, the very first Eleven Spa was opened. When visitors walk through the door, they are greeted with a courtyard that leads to seven outdoor cabanas, a tanning pool and private areas for men and women graced with waterfall showers transplanted from a fairytale dream.

Now at last, Las Vegas has its very own Eleven Spa to boast about. In its sophisticated waiting area, spa guests can sip on champagne at the bar while watching classic Hollywood black and white films that are projected in the lounge. The lounge showcases dazzling hand-made Australian crystal chandeliers draping into pools of elaborate water pods amidst the deliciously comfortable and elegant chic décor. Sound amazing in your mind; now double that impression and you arrive at the number eleven.   


I completely understand the meaning behind the name eleven. Eleven measures better than a ten which of course is as good as it gets; so, Eleven is so apropos. I feel however, that they should simply cut to the chase and call the spa, “A day in Paradise ”…

Eleven offers a wide variety of plush spa treatments. There are 28  treatment rooms (including couples' rooms with private showers), 6 make-up stations, a manicure bar, which is a state-of-the-art nail station that features well-lit, overhead individual mirrors so clients can see their nails up-close. There is also a pedicure room which provides portable manicure stations available for those who want to stay in this area. This set up is ideal for mother and daughter days, bride party get-ready-parties, bridal or baby showers, ladies who lunch or simply for any group of woman who want to self indulge and dish together. Do find a moment to enjoy the old time hand ritual fountain which leaves your hands feeling like silk. The Spa completely surpasses ordinary. In addition to five couple treatment rooms, the Spa offers Bungalow 69, a private treatment room for two, with full spa services including a romantic bath treatment in a private bathtub for two. Last but not least is a full-service Ken Paves signature salon featuring 12 hair-styling stations.  


Meghan Stuhmer

For celebrity guests, celeb treatment, and private parties, a spacious VIP treatment room, with a private entrance is also available with leather couches, a concierge desk, and a private bathroom and shower, offering Eleven’s full menu of spa treatments and salon services so guests can indulge in the ultimate private, pampering experience. Finally, I want to state that for social events, private, special, and company parties, Eleven transforms from a posh day spa to a trendy nightclub vibe that accommodates up to 700 people. 

The Eleven Spa also displays a high-end boutique featuring Eleven Skin, an organic and environmentally aware line of skin care products. You will also get to indulge your clothing desires (Which I medicinally refer to as shopping therapy) with clothing and accessories from the John David Collection of beautiful designer clothes. All of the products throughout the spa including the designer leather furniture, luxurious black spa robes, and plush towels are available for purchase. I love, love, love the awesomely chic leather furniture.

Melanie Bash

I would be remiss if I didn’t bring up Celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves’ list of accomplishments which are both lengthy and impressive. In addition to his full-line of hair care products, Ken Paves’ partnership with Eleven Spa has amplified his nationally-recognized brand, bringing his unique vision, and innovative designs to the chicest address on the Las Vegas Strip. Located within the spa, Ken Paves offers impeccable color and hair care service. Mr. Paves is especially popular for his hair extension line, with clients like Jessica Simpson and Eva Longoria.  SSSHHH, don’t tell anyone! Ken Paves is also a part of Eleven Spa Palm Beach and has additional salons in Beverly Hills, Calif. and Clinton Township, Mich. For more information about Ken Paves, please visit KenPaves.com


Moving on I must applaud Nikki for her more than stellar staff. They were not only tremendous, but the most talented treatment and hair artists I have ever experienced anywhere. It's quite evident that this staff loves where they work because it not only shows by their performance, but by their lovely, friendly, happy, dispositions they each transfer to their clients. I want everyone to understand even though this is a very special place for adults, you can also indulge your children here. Teach them from the start what the best really means. Once you have shown them, it might just motivate them to do well in school, so they can enjoy the best the rest of their lives.

I am going to relay my ‘Eleven’ experience along with the experience of teen Chloe Presti below. So, here goes!

Jude Rockney, Wendy Allison, Lisa Dertch, and Shannon Farr: 

These girls are nothing short of magical. Only a princess could feel as pampered as Chloe and I were. Not only are they perfectionists, and a blast, but a joy to hang with. We felt like we were having a slumber party… Our nails and toes were expertly taken care of in the famous ‘Eleven’ style. You need proof? Just look at the photos of Ms.Presti’s nails before and after her full set. Talk about a picture saying a thousand words. Of the many pedicure selections, the most decadent is the Eleven’s Diamond Pedicure. First you enjoy a soothing foot soak, followed by a masque of pearls, moisturizing massage and a warm paraffin foot treatment which was my favorite part. Then your toe nails are shaped and completed with polish and a jeweled toe stone. I, also, recommend the Nikki’s High Heel Pedicure which is the signature pedicure. You will delight in a warm aromatic foot soak, hydrating dip, warming enzyme exfoliation, an ultra hydration with rich volcanic masque cocooned in warm paraffin to soothe tired feet and legs. If that isn't terrific enough, you will then bask in a relaxing lower leg and foot massage. Totally, Ahhhhhhhh!

One of the special treats from the spa is you get to take home the nail supplies used on you, along with the 11 polish of your choice. No worries about germs or infections here. This is unique for a spa to give parting gifts.



Wendy Maily: 

Was our magical massage therapist who took us to our happy place. Wendy, as are all the massage therapists, is so well trained that she felt our pain and knew without being told where to go. I only wish some doctors were as well trained in feeling our pain. ‘Eleven’ offers 14 types of massage treatments. Yes, only 14, I felt the same way (L.O.L.). One of the most luxurious, is the signature Eleven Mink Massage, which includes a relaxing massage on faux mink-lined sheets for the ultimate sensory experience. Chloe and I selected the sinful indulgence of a 90 minute Swedish massage. For 90 minutes the world was a perfect place. I cannot tell you how brilliant, relaxing, and wonderful this massage treatment was as you can unmistakably see by the photo of Chloe below.


Hair and color expert T’Nique Jones and

Hair assistant Angela: 

Girls there are not enough accolades to describe the genius of this talented hair expert T’Nique. To begin with, she is gorgeous with a smile that goes on for days. She was so much fun to be with that it made getting your hair cut, colored, and styled like an event. In Chloe’s own words, “I cannot to tell you how many hair stylist disasters I have gone through. This was the best hair experience I have ever had and I can’t describe adequately how much I love my cut and color".  There is something that tells you immediately when a stylist just picks up her color brush or scissors that lets you know if you’re going to be happy. Ms. Jones had Chloe at hello…  You rock T’Nique!


Angela Basco, ( Hair Assistant), T'Nique Jones ( Hair Stylist), and Homa Safar (Make-Up Artist) 


Make up artist Homa:

No matter what the occasion, if you want to look like a movie star, run to the amazingly talented Homa to look stunning. She has got it all goin’ on girlfriend.

Facial Sandi Walton:


The only facial I have ever had left me with a face full of pimples and a rosy rash that lasted for days. Needless to say, I never did it again and was actually quite worried about this treatment. However, it was amazing. It felt like a massage only on my face using amazing products by the ‘Eleven’ brand. Now, I can hardly wait to do it again.

There are 7 types of facials of which I splurged on NIKKI'S AMAZING FACIAL.

This incredible facial treatment gives getting a bit older, (I said a bit!) the old heave-ho. Eleven’s Skin formulas of stimulating plant actives and exfoliating extracts made my skin actually glow. Oh, and keep this on the Q.T, A five-minute face lift masque completed the treatment. After my facial (and for weeks following) I felt refreshed, invigorated, and felt that my skin looked younger.


Bobbie Robles and Sandy Walton

The combination of the talented professional Sandi combined with ‘Elevens’ all natural product made this a most memorable and beneficial luxury.



Just wanted to mention Melanie Bash, sales and marketing manager, for without her, ‘Eleven’ might only be a 10 and 9/10ths. This is a very special lady who loves every second and everything she does at the spa. She spends hours and hours making sure everything is done perfect and runs smoothly. Kudos for Mel!


So there you have it readers, the 'Eleven Spa' without a doubt offers a one-of-a-kind extravagant experience, sure to leave a memorable, lasting, and most decadent impression.

From the words of my nail tech, I call her Hey Jude the Leo, “We like the 9’s. If you didn’t have the 9’s and 10’s you couldn’t have the ‘Elevens’!”

Eleven Spa Vegas is located at 6611 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Suite 160 at Town Square, and Delray Beach, Fla., located at 1440 North Federal Highway. For more information on Eleven Spa, please visit ElevenSpa.com.


P.S.: I want to extend a personal thank you to LESLIE THUET from Preferred Public Relations, as she made this piece possible and easy.