Rock Royalty Jeans
Author(s): Robin Roth
Photos: Robin Roth
Editor: Mark Lewis
Published: April 12, 2010




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Sovage: /sō-väzh/, n

The voice that gives each of us the right to be free; that which lives in all human beings….

WELL, how can anyone dispute those poetic words of wisdom……Hence, SOVAGE JEANS were born.



A funny thing happened to me on the way to cover an Oscar Party… I found Jeans Royalty! I must say, I, myself, felt like a princess the minute I zipped them up!


At the more than amazing ELEVEN SPA in Las Vegas, owner NICOLE ODEN was hosting the party along with MAC-NEAL PIERRE. Mac-Neal and his brother WON-G have just come out with their new hot line of Sovage Jeans.

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Walking by, I looked, I noticed, I shrugged my shoulders and I walked on into the Oscar Gala… Then I noticed Nikki sporting a pair. OK, yes Nikki has a killer body, but she looked like flawless perfection in her Sovage Jeans. Oozing with jealousy, I walked (ok I ran) over to my new BFF Mac and said, OK, it was more like begged, “Can I pretty please try on a pair of those jeans?” “AWWWWWWW”, my fellow rockers, this was a jeans magic moment. I, unlike Nikki, have a less than perfect bod and I, if I must say so myself, I looked perfect and was needless to say ecstatic

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So allow me to brag a bit for this label...


Sovage Denim, is an LA-Based designer denim brand, which hands down has the very best fit in jeans. The collection is made of the highest quality of fabrics. The attention to details on every style is nothing short of brilliant. I really feel special wearing them not only because I know I looked great but because I felt unique, very cozy and star-like in them. Which reminds me; the stars are falling over themselves trying to score a few pair of these fab jeans.

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The Haitian born fashion designers love of denim drove their strong desire to bring something new, luxurious, comfy, and meaningful to the world of fashion. The social conscience design team behind the brand created Sovage on the universal message of freedom. Toussaint L’Ouverture’s successful gain of Haitian independence in 1804 is the inspiration behind the brand.  L’Ouverture wanted every man, woman, and child to be free, regardless of creed, nationality, or persuasion. Sovage Denim was born in the fight for freedom. 


Sovage is a premium denim made in the USA, combined with the MAGICAL FUSION of fine Italian and Japanese fabrics, quality materials, washes, and the essential “Sovage Secret.” All of these factors combined, is what makes for an impeccable fit. Every pair of jeans is accented with a rich satin lining and 24 karat gold accoutrements. Other than the fit and the way my tush looked in these opulent jeans, my favorite part is the gold ornaments on the back. This brand strives to provide anyone with the desire to be free and feel fabulous wearing jeans, the transformation of your body and soul at the same time.



Sovage designs jeans from conservative to sexy.  Edgy, chic, and sophisticated, the collection consists of dark plain washes, denim with waxes, exquisite leathers, skinny, bootcut, straight leg, and flare with amazing punches of color. However, every style is gorgeous, cozy, and fits like a dream. I want them all!!!!!!


Sovage Denim has just launched for spring 2010, its women’s collection currently in select stores. Run ladies, you don't want to miss out!  Men, don't feel left out, your jeans are in production as we speak.



In addition to the coolest jeans I have ever sported, I must tell you all what really stopped me cold and took my breath away. The foundation One Dome At a Time, created  by Won-G and supported by his brother Mac-Neal, is truly an amazing project that was established with love to rebuild their motherland of Haiti. The brothers’ passion and strong desire to help and give back to Haiti is nothing short of astonishing.



Even prior to the devastating earthquake, Sovage proudly supported rebuilding Haiti. The "One Dome At A Time Foundation" builds green and clean “dome” housing, which is resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and fires. As we are all aware, Haiti suffered fifteen natural disasters in the past nine years; a pattern that unfortunately, will continue. Hence, the reason why the designers give a portion of the sales from each pair of Sovage jeans. The money raised, goes toward giving a family a home that will stand strong through hundreds of years of natural disasters. The patented dome structure uses less materials to build, less energy to heat and cool, and can be built by local labor. The foundation does not just build housing alone, but an entire community including a school, health center, church, and infrastructure.



I am just a writer, but I beg you to help give those in need the security of a dome home. The best part of giving is you also get the most awesome jeans ever.  Sovage is committed to doing it...  One Dome at a Time! You can too...


For more information and to donate visit www.onedomeatatime.org


So there you have it rockers, rock yourself into the sexiest jeans and the fulfillment of caring, sharing and giving back all at the same time.





I rock man!



OOPS!  See, now that is the down side to owning a pair or two or three of these uniquely sexy Sovage Jeans...TOO MUCH SELF ESTEEM!