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The Sounds of Music in Italy Opera and Jazz

Author: Robin Roth, Category:Latest Reviews Category Entertainment Reviews, Tags: Attraction-Reviews, Red-Pellini-Gang’s, Michael Supnier, Alessio Magliari, Carlo Ficini, Marco Loddo, Carlo Battisti,Bobby Durham, Victor Lewis, Steve Grossman, Gregory Hutchinson, Jeff Williams, Jerry Bergonzi, Bob Wilber, Jeremy Pelt, Danny Grisset,Teatro Salone Margherita, La Fenice Opera House Campo San Fantin,San Marco Square,Venice, Italy, Teatro La Fenice,




Halfway between the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain, I was searching for a sign on a small door with the address, 54/a Via Gregoriana. “Where the heck is it?” It was quite hidden!


I felt as though I were caught in the middle of the “Da Vinci Code” movie! I was looking all around for Tom Hanks in Rome! Seriously, no one would ever know inside this mysterious location was a hidden gem, the best jazz club I have ever attended.
The moment I walked in, I realized that I had entered into quite a unique atmosphere. The door opens to this amazing little whisky bar that has thrived in the heart of Rome since 1996. It is one of the best-stocked whisky bars in the ancient city. Gregory’s Jazz Club is comfortable and welcoming, with its cool hardwood bar counter, the antique, mirror-lined bottle shelves and the white marble tables. This is the perfect atmosphere in which to enjoy the best of jazz ever!


This very cozy and intimate music haven is set above an Italian restaurant. Here, I enjoyed a delicious light dinner before climbing up the stairs to the jazz club.
The whole staff was great, totally friendly and fun to be with.


Now, feelin’ jazzy, I walked up a narrow wooden staircase to the charming club, where I enjoyed my favorite Italian drink and chillaxed on cozy couches beside lounge tables. The atmosphere was straight out of a Woody Allen jazz flick. Behind the stage there’s a bare brick wall and a window that looks out onto the street below. On the small intimate stage, sits a Yamaha C Baby Grand Piano and a Gretsch drum set, awaiting the musical talent that’s booked for the night.

And just like that, came the band, Red Pellini Gang’s very first song, I understood that I had entered into a stunning musical escape and a different musical dimension. I was now in a world of mind-blowing instrumental sounds of the best jazz music I had ever heard.
And, just so you know, I’m including some of the finest musicians in New Orleans!
The music never stopped, nor did I want it to!
I was completely wowed for hours. I found myself thoroughly engrossed in the astonishing talent on stage that I was listening to. Furthermore, the band was so exciting to watch. My heart pumped faster with each song. The audience was enthralled in the whole scene as well. No doubt, this band was simply mesmerizing.
Each musician in the, “Red Pellini Gang,” (fabianopellini@hotmail.com) is without a doubt a star in his own right. I loved how every player had the chance to shine in every single song performed. Lets talk about the members of the band who all lit up the stage…
Red Pellini- Tenor Sax
It was scary how great this guy is! He never missed a note and what a consummate performer. Incredible musician! Unbelievable…
Michael Supnier- Trumpet and Vocals
Michael’s vocals are jazz classic. He plays the sweetest trumpet I ever heard. His passionate notes were chillingly spectacular!


Alessio Magliari – Piano
Alessio is a shinning musician. His fingers magically flew over the keys. I believe he is one of the finest jazz players out there. It was enchanting watching and listening to him caress the ebony and ivory keys. Totally an awesome talent!


Carlo Ficini – Trombone
Old-school brilliant. ‘Music-tacular!’
Marco Loddo- Bass Kept the swing going with his perfect timing and musical chops!

Carlo Battisti- Drums Centered the whole band with every beat of his heart!

Kudos, to each one of you outrageously talented musicians...
You guys bring new meaning, inspiration and excitement to the world of jazz. And, we jazz lovers’ thank you.


Jazz at Gregory’s

When it comes to jazz, over the years, we have come to know only one thing for certain: “It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing!”

Observing everything that night at Gregory’s Jazz Club, I learned that they, (And specifically, the ultra charming owner Greg) strive with all their heart to spread the love and appreciation for the jazz culture since 1996. Gregory’s jazz club is one of the best-loved and celebrated Jazz Club’s In Rome. After visiting the iconic club, I can clearly understand why. I discovered their first priority is to offer a high quality standard, hosting the best Italian artists and inviting great international guests.

In fact, at Gregory’s hall of fame, I saw great names by the likes of Bobby Durham, Victor Lewis, Steve Grossman, Gregory Hutchinson, Jeff Williams, Jerry Bergonzi, Bob Wilber, Jeremy Pelt, Danny Grisset, and many others…

The whole evening and experience at Gregory’s Jazz club was one huge, two thumbs up, WOW! To tourists and jazz lovers alike, this is a must destination, when in the Eternal City of Rome!

Thank you Greg, and all involved for KEEPING JAZZ ALIVE AND WELL! BRAVO!!!!!

+39 327 8263770 until 7.30pm
+39 06 6796386 from 7.30pm
Via Gregoriana 54/a – 00187
Rome info@gregorysjazz.com
HC Anderson gregsjazz@gmail.com

Teatro Salone Margherita !


I Virtuosi dell'opera di Roma “La Traviata”

I love the Teatro Salone Margherita!
I visit and attend a performance every time I’m in Roma! The theater is most comfortable and so very charming! The productions are always fantastic and consistently brilliant, as are the performances.


You can get a box for the entire evening, (shown above) which include both an elegant dinner as well as the performance.
The theater itself is quite unique and special. All of the opera’s and shows presented here are the best of the best! The orchestra of, “I Virtuosi dell’opera di Roma,” routinely perform their concerts in the prestigious Teatro Salone Margherita in the heart of Rome since at 1898.


I enjoyed immensely, (as did the entire audience) Verdi's La Traviata! The libretto by Francesco Maria Piave is based on the novel and play, 'La Dame aux Camelias' by Alexandre Dumas' son.

This beloved opera, in three acts, was first performed March 6th, 1853 at the Teatro La Fenice, Venice.This beloved opera, in three acts, was first performed March 6th, 1853 at the Teatro La Fenice, Venice.

ImageThe operatic voices are brilliant and heavenly. The entire cast moved the audience to tears with their amazing talent and incredible performance.


The musicians are beyond stellar and the conductor is a vision to behold in his own right. The whole evening was spectacular!


The opera is approximately 2 ½ hours in duration.

Since 2011, I Virtuosi dell’opera di Roma performed here an important part of their Concert's Season.

In addition, one of the most unique traditions of the theater, is the pasta and risotto buffet offered complimentary to its guests before the show or during the break in the ground floor. FYI, it was delicious.
Bravo, Brava, and Brave to the entire establishment!

Salone Margherita Theatre.
Via dei Due Macelli 75 00187 Rome

La Fenice Opera House Campo San Fantin



Nestled in the heart of the beautiful city of Venice, Italy near San Marco Square, sits the most gorgeous, baroque opera house in the world. La Fenice, is one of "the most famous and renowned landmarks in the history of Italian theatre," and in the history of opera as a whole.


The moment guest’s walk into the theatre, the mere awesomeness of the elaborate beauty simply takes their breath away.
The Teatro La Fenice was founded in 1792.
In the 19th century they staged the world premieres of numerous famous operas.
In modern day, the Fenice has also placed a special importance on contemporary productions. They housed the world premieres of Stravinski’s The Rake’s Progress, Britten’s The Turn of the Screw, Prokofiev’s L’angelo di fuoco (The Fiery Angel), Nono’s Intolleranza
(Intolerance) and Maderna’s Hyperion.

The stunning theatre seats over one thousand people.
The Fenice’s excellent acoustics were enhanced when the theatre was rebuilt after the shocking fire of 1996…
In addition, they boast a 98-member orchestra and 66-person opera chorus, a devoted local audience and a large international following.

The theatre is a prominent artistic venue, presenting over one hundred opera performances annually, full cycles of symphonies by Beethoven, Schumann, Brahms and Mahler, a contemporary repertoire dedicated specifically on Venetian artists such as Nono and Maderna, ballets, and chamber music concerts.


I had the amazing good fortune and honor to experience the opera, Madame Butterfly at this awe-inspiring theatre. I literally had to pinch myself, as this dream of a lifetime was so surreal. Puccini’s most popular opera, this psychological drama explores the innermost being of the young protagonist while exalting the intense poetry of everything that is small. To a libretto by Illica and Giacosa based on the tale Madame Butterfly by John Luther Long and the Japanese tragedy Madame Butterfly by David Belasco. The performance was truly miraculous. The acting and operatic voices were astonishing.




If you ever have a free night in the heavenly city of Venice, Italy…


Run to the La Fenice Opera House, and buy yourself a ticket to whatever is playing. It will be an evening you will never ever forget. A musical memory of a lifetime…


Address: Campo San Fantin, 1965, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy
Capacity: 1,000
+39 041.2424
Ticket Office
1965 St Mark, 30124 Venice
Telephone: +39 041 786511 E-mail: info@teatrolafenice.org

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