FAME...The Red Carpet Screening
Author(s): Robin Roth
Photos: Robin Roth
Editor: Mark Lewis
Published: September 30, 2009



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It was an exciting night at the Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada when MGM Studios held an advance red carpet movie screening of FAME on Thursday, September 24, 2009.

Local entertainers who attended in support of this event by walking the Red Carpet and warming up the crowd included: Australian Motown singers Human Nature; Magician and Comic, Nathan Burton; Comedian Vinnie Favorito; Female Impersonator, Frank Marino; and Comic Hypnotist, Anthony Cools.

The excitement was felt by attendees when Director Kevin Tanchereon, lead the cast of FAME onto the Red Carpet. He explained that it took him 6 months to cast each actor into the best role. When asked about how today’s talent was different from the original FAME, Tancheron shared that every actor who auditioned was triple talented. They had to excel in dance, acting, and singing.

Tancheron discussed directing this movie was a lot of hard work, but it paid off. The new release of FAME is a modern version and should not be compared to the first film, he stated. The music includes 2 of the original songs, FAME and Out on My Own, but there were 5 other original songs written and performed in this movie. Watch for the Soundtrack coming out soon.

Having the distinction of appearing in both movies of FAME, the infamous Debbie Allen (Principal Simms) slid down the red carpet. Allen shared the true message of the movie and hoped it would influence those who are struggling in today’s world. It’s not enough to be talented or good looking to make it in this world; expect to have to pay your dues, work hard, and learn to be the best at whatever you do. Appreciate what you have and try harder because nothing is given to anyone who doesn’t earn it she explained.

Allen mentioned that Choreographer, Marguerite Pomerhn Derricks, was her dear friend whom she discovered for the Television Series FAME and she did a brilliant job with the Choreography in the movie.

The young new talented actors appearing on the carpet included the two romantic interests that heat up in the movie between Kay Panabaker (Jenny) and Asher Book (Marco); and Kherington Payne (Alice) and Walter Perez (Victor). Watch for Asher Book who will be releasing a single soon. Kay Panabaker and Asher Book shared a mutual admiration for all the actors; but Kay warned the girls that when Asher sang a solo to her in the movie, her heart fluttered. She advised Asher that no woman could resist being romantically serenaded by him with his magnificent singing voice.

Paul McGill (Kevin) also shared he considered the cast "FAME-ILY". FYI, A couple other cast members had actually attended the Performing Arts School in New York with McGill.

Another actor to watch is Paul Iacono (Neil) with his curly dark hair. He shared his character was a neurotic, Jewish, sweet kid who worked hard through his four years in the Performing Arts School. Hard work, blood, and sweat isn’t enough, you’ve got to have hope, drive, and passion.

Kristy Flores (Rosie) walked the carpet and had an interesting story similar to her character in FAME. Kristy explained that she was discovered in a dance studio in Brooklyn, New York. She was flown to Los Angeles for the screen test and the rest is history.

Another highlight to the Red Carpet was the attendance of the POP STAR MAGAZINE promo winner, 13 year old stylish, Chelsea Newling. Chelsea flew out from St Louis, Missouri for this Red Carpet Event. She experiences her own moment of FAME from this event. Mom shared it was their first plane trip, but worth every moment.

The Red Carpet was rolled up as everyone entered the theatre for the sneak preview of FAME.

Don’t miss this brilliant modern reinvention of the original Oscar-winning hit film, FAME, which follows a talented group of dancers, singers, actors and artists over four years at the New York City High School of Performing Arts.

Kherington Payne       Debbie Allen

fame12   fame3

Asher Book                         Kay Panabaker

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Kristy Flores                    Paul McGill

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Paul McGill and Paul Iacono       Paul Iacono

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Kherington Payne 

and Walter Perez        Dir. Kevin Tanchereon

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Asher Book and

Kay Panabaker                Walter Perez

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